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Kenneth Cosimo, composer.
Make music, for film, theatre, dance. Also work with sound art in the fields of electro-acoustic and instrumental music and experimental electronic music, often produced under the name ”The institute of highspeedart”.
Guitar and piano are main instruments. Also play, write and produce music for bands.

  Is currently out with a new record;

and a composer in

Cosimo have written the music for the following productions:
Feature film and drama:
"Gringa" Director: Cesar Galindo 2010. Feature film.  
"Flip a coin" Director: David Flamholc 2004. Feature film.





Lithiv "LITHIVM" Director: David Flamholc 1998. Feature film.


extracts from the movie



Nattbuss "NATTBUSS 807" Director: David Flamholc 1997. Feature film.
  "SKOMAKARENS BESVARLIGA TILLSTAND" Director: Santiago Pinto 1991. Drama.   
"Runo" Anna Larsson 2009  
"Ryssviken" Ase Fougner SVT 2008 cut from the film
"House of the Tiger King" David Flamholc 2004


"SVITJOD 2000" David Flamholc och Mrten Nilsson 1999
  "Not without Prijedor" Erik Gandini 1996  
  "FOR GULD SKULL" Cesar Galindo 1990  
  "KONST PA ARBETET" Hoscang Moschiri 1990  
Fiction, opera, animation, etc.:
"Limbus" Noll Corpus Dansproduktioner Director:Lars Larsson 2009
"B.U.T.O.H" Director: Mirjam Hector 2005
  "Pachamama" Director: Cesar Galindo 2004  
  "Staden" Director: Stefan Wrenfeldt 2002  
  "Looking at the stars" Director: David Flamholc & Francisco Centofanti 2001  
  "La La La Lucha" Mrten Nilsson 1999  
  "KEN" Director: Josefina Ivehammar 1999  
Antilooper "ANTILOPER" Director: Mrten Nilsson 1995  
"YAKU" Director: Cesar Galindo 1995. Opera film. watch the movie
Kungen av Danvikstull "KUNGEN AV DANVIKSTULL" Director: Cesar Galindo. Fiction/music-film. 1992
  "MANNEN OCH FAGELN" Director: Hoscang Moschiri. Animerad Barnfilm. 1992  
"Casa Matusita" (The House Matusita) Director: Cesar Galindo 1990
Theatre Performances:
Hamletmaskinen - Hamlet Machine by Heiner Mller a co-produktion between Teatermaskinen and La communaute inavouable at Quadrohelixmaskinen Riddarhyttan and Vasteras Art MuseumSweden, Maj 2012
  Tre scener om kulturpolitik av Mats Svegfors with Teatermaskinen, April 2009  
"Mor pegg" Teater Kaos. premire TeaterStudio Lederman Stockholm. Nov. 2007  
  "@WORK" Teatermaskinen. premire Kulturhuset Stockholm. Mars 2007 Bite part from the performance
"Logosfield" Teatermaskinen. premire Kulturhuset Stockholm. Maj 2005 presentetation movie
Damaskus "Till Damaskus" Teater Kaos. premire Langholmen Stockholm. Aug. 2004  
  "extasy +/- noll" Teatermaskinen. premire Pusterviksteatern Gothenburg. Maj 2001  
WW4 "Gransmaterial WW 4" Teatermaskinen. premire Vasteras. Nov. 1999 presentetation movie
  "MORDET P MARAT" Regi: Niklas Westergren (The music was a c/o work with Martin Kuchen). premire Alias Teatern okt.1998  
  "FADERMORDET" Director: Niklas Westergren. premire Uppsala Stadsteater 1997  
  "ROCKABY" Performanceartist; Ana Paula Cardoso. Kulturhuset Stockholm 1997  
  "EN DARENS FORSVARSTAL" Radioteater  P1. Aug. 1997  
skrseld "SKARSELD" Director: Niklas Westergren. Ensembleteatern i Malmo 1996  
kajen "VSTRA KAJEN" Director: Ulf Aldevinge. Alias Teatern 1995  
  "SPEGELN" children play. Alias Teatern Stockholm 1995  
  "AY CARMELA" Alias Teatern Stockholm 1994  
Dren "EN DARENS FRSVARSTAL" Teater Kaos. Director: Niklas Westergren,
Actor: Max Lundkvist. Premire Fylkingen, Stockholm aug. 1994
Dance performances:
Guess The diagnosis 2013-2014  

Temporary Monad 2013-2014

Noll Corpus Dance Productions, butoh suite deadly sins a dance in seven acts. 2012 "Greed" in Skinnskatteberg Church
O-tid with Noll Corpus Dansproduktioner, premire Kulturhuset Korpen, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden 16 okt. 2010 presentetation movie
Bortglmda Varldar (Forgotten worlds) with Noll Corpus Dansproduktioner 4 performances performed in Vastmalands lan, Sweden summer 2009 Cut from a performance
  "KI" horeographer: Noll Corpus, premire Skulpturparken i Angelsberg jun. 2008  
  "Bergtagen" Choreographer: Noll Corpus, premire Vaxthuset, Vsteras okt. 2004  
  "Katarina den store" Gunilla Heilborn premire: Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm feb. 2002  
Priapos "Priapos skugga" Choreographer: Mia Bohlin & Asa Linder.  

"ORENDA" Choreographer: Mia Bohlin & Asa Linder. premire Maj 1999 Club 700 Orebro

  "ALLDELES ABSOLUT A" Choreographer: Claire Parsons. premire Dansstationen Malmo Okt. 1998.  
  "BARA 400 METER KVAR TILL STRANDEN" Choreographer: Gunilla Heilborn. premire Kulturfabriken Stockholm. Maj 1998.  
  "GUATEMALA REMIX" Choreographer: Claire Parsons. premire Guatemala City okt. 1997.
Dansens Hus Stockholm and Gothenburg nov. 1997
  "WITHIN THE QUOTA" Choreographer: Orjan Andersson. Dansens Hus Stockholm and Dansstationen in Malmo 1996  
  "LOST IN SPACE" Choreographer: Gunilla Heilborn. Moderna Dans Teatern Stockholm 1996  
Art performances:

Art-Sound Installation in The church of Elgg, Winterthur, Switzerland with Martin Sphler- Klangobject and Mirjam Hector Video art

dec. 2011

"Klangwelten" in Walzwerk Mnchenstein, Basel Switzerland with Martin Sphler and his Klangobjekts, Kornelia Bruggmann and Anne-Kathrein Jordan Nov. 2008.
"ATEM" Music in a artist-symposium in KunstMuseum Donau-Ries in Wemding, Germany,14-22 june 2008.
Moderna Museet Stockholm Music for the Pontus Hultn Study Gallery, premire 31 May 2008
  "Stalmannen ar dod" together with Bob Hansson. Seven piano-performances at Nordiska Museet, Nationalmuseet, Kulturhuset and sodra teatern in Stockholm, premire 17 Nov 2005.
Cosimo is playing with/has been playing with following bands:

"Where Everything Falls Out" with Ana Dinextra and Edward Graham Lewis.

(Preview and download their latest album Where Everything Falls Out - Where Everything Falls Out)


Freaky fairytale band.

(Preview and download their latest album Where Everything Falls Out - Where Everything Falls Out)

"No Tomorrow" video from the ep "Your revolution is a beached whale"

  Bob Hansson and The Institute of Highspeedart

Ping Pong Show (pict)

Also published the record "Ping Pong Show"
(Turning Tool 003 LP)

  GAS (Guds Andra Snesteg)  
  Bored Teenagers  

Dockhuset "Fish Circus" 1984

  Neurotisk Vardag  

Cosimo have produced theese records:

Kenneth Cosimo: "Klaver"

Bloody Show: "Vol.1"

The Institute of Highspeedart: "Club V"

Bob Hansson & Kenneth Cosimo:"Stålmannen är Död 2014 Remix"

The Institute of Highspeedart: "Pataphysical music I"

Freaky fairytale band: "Rules Bending Sideways"

The Institute of Highspeedart: "The Conet Project III"

Freaky fairytale band: "Your Are an Ornament In a Dying Tree"

Freaky fairytale band: "Your revolution is a beached whale"

Freaky fairytale band: "Pickeled rugged heroes out for sale"

Freaky fairytale band: "The arrival of Spiderwitch and the golden
string singalong"

Where everything falls out "Where everything falls out"

Freaky fairytale band: "The exquisite tale about mister Butterfly &
his best friend mister Spoon"

Bob Hansson & Kenneth Cosimo "Stalmannen r dod"

Bob Hansson & Institutet fr hoghastighetskonst "Kor solen kor"

Bob Hansson & Kenneth Cosimo "Europa"(single)

Nya Tyska Kokets (single) Arbetare & Bonder (MORSK#1)
Super Motorcar Wrench (single) Captain Swoop(Turning Tool 004S)


CD records:

Kenneth Cosimo:


The Institute of Highspeedart:

Club V

The Institute of Highspeedart:

Pataphysical music I


The Institute of Highspeedart:

The Conet Project III

Preview and downloadWhere Everything Falls Out - Where Everything Falls Out

Where everything falls out

"Where everything falls out"
Preview and download Where Everything Falls Out - Where Everything Falls Out


"Stalmannen r dod" Bob Hansson & Kenneth Cosimo 2005

"Kor solen kor" med Bob Hansson och Institutet fr hoghastighetskonst 2003 National
Preview and download
Kr Solen Kr - Bob Hansson & Institutet Fr Hghastighetskonst

Gransmaterial WW4 2000

Institut for Hogastigetskonst/ett (IHSACD1) 1999

Europa & Heja Varlden:(IHSA CD-3) 1999

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