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The Institute of Highspeedart; Pataphysical Music I 



This disc is recorded at the Institute of Highspeed Art in Stockholm during the years 1996-1998. Some of the material has previously been published on a CD named "An Institute for HighSpeed Art" summer 1999.



The songs, in their original versions, are written for;
1. Part X; dance performance "Guatemala Remix" choreographed by Claire Parsons, Premiere in Guatemala City 1997
2-4. Apo Calypso, Bossa & Frogs for the film "La La La Lucha" directed by Mårten Nilsson, Gnu Film 1999
5-7. No Water (new remix 2014), Only 400 meters & Koma from the dance performance "Just 400 meters left to the beach" choreographed by Gunilla Heilborn, premiere at Culture Factory, Stockholm May 1998
8. Part X - Lithium from the feature film "Lithium" directed by David Flamholc, Caravan Film 1998
9. Within the Quota finale of the dance performance with the same name choreographed by Örjan Andersson, Premiere at Dance Station in Malmö 1996



On Apo Calypso, No Water & Koma contributes Martin Kuchen with Noice and saxophone. On Within the Quota plays Sara Edin violin (backwards). Otherwise found drums of Aztec dancers and other sounds from Mexico city, a frog chorus from Puerto Angel, accordion, guitar, wood cutting and other things. All songs are composed and produced by Kenneth Cosimo.

Coverdesign: Mirjam Hector

Most of the raw material to the songs recorded on a Sony TDC-D7 DAT and processed and rendered on an Ensoniq ASR-10, recorded on a tape recorder model Tascam 38 (there are some pure analog dropouts on the recordings) and finally mixed through a Yamaha ProMix 01.




Ett Institut for Hoghastighetskonst 1999


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