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Kenneth Cosimo / Movies with music made by Kenneth Cosimo/The Institute



  Temporary Monad at Teatermaskinen,
  Limbus Noll Corpus Dansproduktioner,
  otid O-tid Noll Corpus Dansproduktioner,
  Noll Corpus Dansproduktioner, Karmansbo Smedja 18 April 2009
The dancemovie B.U.T.O.H Director: Mirjam Hector
Feature film, documentaries and drama:
  Trailer: Flip A Coin a UNromantic Comedy Director David Flamholc, Caravanfilm 2004
  Lithivm(excerpts):Director David Flamholc, Caravanfilm 1997/1998
Svitjod 2000 a short Documentary Director David Flamholc & Mårten Nilsson, CaravanFilm 2000
  Ryssviken A Documentary by Ase Fougner 2008
"The House Matusita" by Cesar Galindo 1990 (one of the first movies Corimo made music for)

The king of Danvikstull
Director Cesar Galindo Runafilm 1992
3 Live cuts from "The Confession of a fool" A comedy made by Teater Kaos 1994.
Max Lundqvist in the title rôle as Axel and Kenneth Cosimo as his assistant, Piano player and sound engineer.
Other bands: