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Bob Hansson / The Institute of Highspeedart / Music

The band Bob Hansson & the Institute of Highspeedart is a collective of people who opened a hole in the head straight to the sky. We never know what´s going to happen on a gig, but we do know that something always happen. The music went from mastodonic heavybrutale sound to lightlyrical pianosolos. We do not know what to call it. Bob Hansson is leading with his words and the rest of us respond with sound and rythm.

The band Bob Hansson and The Institute of Highspeedart is:

Bob Hansson, voice and text
Kenneth Cosimo, songwriter and producer. Also samples, percusion, band-loops, electric-guitar and piano
Sara Edin, violin
Mats "Magic" Gunnarson, saxophone
Magnus Lunell, drums
Sebastian Ross, bas

Jonas Mathiasson (song), Martin Küchen (saxophone) and Karl Frid (trombone) has also been part of the band.

Preview and download Kör Solen Kör - Bob Hansson & Institutet För Höghastighetskonst