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Highspeedart Info Page

When Marten Nilssons film ¨Antiloper¨ was shown on a film-festival the winter 1995, a person comes up to him and says; " this is a real highspeedfilm!". A excellent name Mårten thinks and contacts Cosimo, they decides to quickly establish an Institute for this interesting/neglected art-form. The first meeting takes place the summer 1996 in the artist Pablo´s apartment in Mexico City. Nothing essential is said, but the Institute of Highspeedart is born! The Institute moves in to a small narrow premises in Asogatan, Stockholm. A neon sign bought in Mexico City with the text "Institute" is hang up in the window display. Strangely it is mostly attracting the older part of the population, they are standing outside trying to look in, a couple of the old men comes a bit insecure inside, it appears that they believed that a striptease-club had opened in the neighbourhood, the sign is taken down. The spring 1997 the Institute is creating it´s first webbpage together with Anapaula Cardoso with the name The name is later in a unguarded/unpaied moment stolen by a multinational company and the Institute becomes forced to re-baptise to the name The Institute is during these first three years involved in three filmproductions; the feature films "Nattbuss 807", "Lithivm" and the highspeedfilm ¨La La La Lucha¨. The Institute´s greatest musical-successes was at this time two chartbuster´s on The spring 1999 the song "UBU" is on third place on one of the independent-lists and shortly thereafter "The bad guy" is topping the same list, after this the Institute is closing it´s activity on The Institute is today foremost a meeting point for friends working with music, sound, film, poetry, picture, text in context´s as theatreplays, film/movies, performances, exhibitions and so on.

On this page we consists of:
Kenneth Cosimo, composer & musician
Bob Hansson, poet
Mirjam Hector, videoartist & moviemaker
Sune, painter

webb design: Mirjam Hector, webb master: Kenneth Cosimo