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The King of Danvikstull
a film by Cesar Galindo

Cosimo, a young musician, leaves his home after a broken love affair. He isolates himself from the rest of the world . As a sign of his sorrow he is always wearing sun-glasses. The only way he communicates is by his tape-recorder, microphone and head-phones.
He installs himself under the Bridge of Danvikstull. The bridge fascinates him and makes him think of Maria, his disappeared love, who reappears in his dreams. He starts componing a symphony to the bridge, to Maria.
But the arrival of Cosimo irritates Tompa, the bridge-guard. He is used to have the control of the traffic over and under the bridge. In his position he feels now threatened...
¨The King of Danvikstull¨ could be called a punk-opera. It´s characterized by a reduced dialogue. Instead the images, the music and special sound-track tell the story of a young mans´ passion and pain.