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Members existing, oldies and sideprojecters:
Andreas Hultgren: Drums
Kenneth Cosimo: Guitar & highspeed art
Backwards man: Bass
Benny Wallin: Vocal, guitar, composer & lyrics writer
Skalman: Bass
Christian: Bass
Johan Sunden: Guitar
Fhsk Janne: Guitar
Peter Lindqvist: Bass
Tomas Lanner: Bass, piano
Kolina van den Berg: Vocal
Rille: Guitar
Markus K: Drums
Tomas Johnson: Guitar
…these dudes as spliff tokin journeymen
trading a bearded beatnik route and concocting a deliciously shit faced
psych blues stew which by rights should have the Grateful Dead, the
Band, Zep and Hendrix purists purring with admiration.
"Sunday experience"
History or herstory
Freaky fairytale started back in 1995 as a solo project with Benny (founder) Wallin. One guitar,
one mic, one tascam and one air raid megaphone, the project started up at Theatre Albatross in Halland Sweden.
Later on a bass player named Skalman joined and Freaky fairytale band was a fact and from
now on its HQ is North Västmanland Sweden.
A couple of years after alpha step and a handful of other projects, Freaky fairytale band was recreated,
now with Benny (voc & guiar) Johan guitar & Andreas "Adde" (still playing) Hultgren on drums,
Several gigs and 3 records were delivered.
2004 1st cd "What can a cloud in the sky do"
2005 2nd cd "We have the horse, do you have the kingdom?"
2005 3rd cd "The exquisite tale about mister Butterfly and his best friend "
2007 The band was tuned off, other projects started (Octapox & Flying teapot), kids were created,
houses were renovated and so on and on.
2010 Adde and Benny was pouring some rocket fuel into Freaky fairytale band and started it up again.
2011 Kenneth Cosimo (guitar) joined up and record nr 4 appeared.
2011 Aug - 4th cd " The arrival of Spiderwitch and the golden string sing along"
Thomas Lanner & the Backwards Man join up as bass players,
Backwards Man stayed in that function and Thomas is still a part of
Freaky fairytale band as MC and other roles as yet to be disclosed..
2011 Nov 5:e cd " Pickeled rugged heroes out for sale"
2011 Dec 6:e cd "Xmas jimtim tingaling thing"
2012 Feb 7:e cd "Your revolution is a beached whale"
2012 juni 8:e cd "You are an ornament in a dying tree"
2012 Juni "Side project" Snurriga sagors band has is premier at Fairytale festival
2012 Sept "Side project" Lagomorra has its premier
2013 Juni Snurriga sagors band change name to Sjögräs
2013 Maj 9:e cd "Rules bending sideways"
2013 Juni "Sideproject" Spindelhäxan has premier

“Skivorna är trevligaste D.I.Y kvalité och är båda jämförliga
i brahet, men jag väljer Your Revolution is a beached Whale
som den stråvassare skivan. för den avslutas med låten
Sweetest Dream som faktiskt är en av de bästa låtar jag någonsin
hört. Alltså någonsin. … och Freaky Fairytale Band har därmed en ny fan. Moi!”

“Monsterum blog”

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